A big selection of Minions  Balloons in various shapes and sizes
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9'' Mini Shape Minions Foil Balloon

SKU: 529957
9 inch (23 cm) foil un-inflated balloon without self sealing valve. Air-filled. NO PKG.

12'' Mini Shape Minions Inflate-a-fun Foil Balloon

SKU: 529955
12 x 6 in (60 x 15 cm) This foil balloon has a self-closing valve. Because of this, it is not necessary to make a knot in the balloon or...

Μπαλόνι Airwalker Minions

SKU: 530010
AirWalkers®  Διαστάσεις:  28"/71cm w x 43"/109cm h When inflated with helium the feet of this giant airwalker balloon are weighted so that the character walks with you as you pull...