Bouketo Balloons, The Company

The company has today

Affiliated stores all over Greece!

This successful course began in 2000 and was based on the idea of ​​creating a fully specialized company that would cover even the most demanding decoration needs.
The main commercial activity of BOUKETO BALLOONS  is the import and distribution of high quality aesthetics  decoration products (Balloons, Latex and Foil, Balloon accessories, Plush toys, Party supplies) , in GLOBAL market, always following the latest trends.

The company has one of the largest balloon warehouses in Europe. Bouketo Balloons is the official representative of the most famous international Balloon manufacturers in Greece such as Sempertex, Gemar, Anagram, Hi-float, Fly- Luxe, Conwin, Amscan, Grabo, Morlando Group.
In our warehouses there is also a huge collection of party supplies  many exclusives and many from best manufacturers.  We have all the tools for a new balloon store owner  to open a new  balloon shop  such as pumps, stands, sizers, digital inflators, helium bottles, etc.
Finally, we have a large collection of ribbons, pinatas, stunning plush toys and a lot other exclusives.

Our company also possess  specialized printing machines in order to print her own balloons  and  serve customers needs (f.e. We print  advertising balloons with customers logo etc,). Bouketo also has a professional laser cutting machine in order to create its own collections for wedding and baby shower decorations. Except the above we own many big digital printers in order to print to many different papers such as  stickers , canvas, thick papers etc.

Finally , We  have the ability, based on our specialized equipment and human resources, to create very customized decoration supplies tailored to the needs of the customer.

Bouketo Balloons exports mainly balloons (foil and latex) in many European countries (Cyprus, Norway etc... ) and has the dynamic and equipment to send anything a balloon wholesaler and retailer needs to all over the world.




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